Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden shoes, Golden Globes

Sometimes when a man's alone, all you got are your dogs and they meant the world to me.
--Mickey Rourke, during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.


She’s like a giant Xanax, you know? I’m not going to get religious...but I truly believe God created dogs for a cause. They are the greatest companions a man could ever have.


The Donald said...

Funny, I bought a pair of black Florsheim cap-toes yesterday - I didn't see any gold ones in stock.

The Donald said...

I was at the Grapevine Mills mall. The Western Wearhouse is going out of business there, I don't know about their other locations.

I like western stuff - I have several pairs of spurs, not a few hats. The usual stuff, I guess. If it were up to me, I'd close those stupid kiosks that sell rhinestone covered covers for your cellphone, Dead Sea mineral hand lotion, cutesy-clever T-shirts, your name on a grain of rice, and those annoying remote control helicopters.

Yeah, there's lots of stores I'd like to see go out of business because they sell crap nobody really needs. Fortunately, I realize it's the market that makes such decisions, not me.

But I think the rhinestone studded cellphone cover's days are numbered.

The Donald said...

THAT is not a dog on his lap, it's an overgrown RAT.

I have no use for yippy little dogs.

If a dog isn't big enough to jump up in a pickup by its own power, it isn't a real dog.

Anonymous said...

"...You get whatever you choose
Oh, no, you can't do that,
Once you started wearin' those shoes."

- Felder/Henley/Frey