Monday, January 09, 2012

I repeat, don't touch me.

How many times do I have to tell you freaks? I enjoy hugging my close friends and family. I might even be called kinda touch-feely when it comes to people I know well. A touch on the arm or shoulder as we converse is welcome and shows that we are interested in each other, that we are listening. But if I don't know you really well, let's talk without touch. Period.

Our church hired a company to do some roofing work for us this past week and the owner of the business is a wonderful, older, Christian man who was so nice. We got along really well and everything was going just peachy until, as we were sitting and talking, he reached over and cupped his hand over mine that was on my desk. Several other people were there and I know he didn't mean anything weird by it but I instantly quit hearing whatever he was saying and all my focus went to my hand.

"Why is he touching me? Is he going to keep it there? How long should I leave my hand under his? Really, why is he touching me?" All that was running through my head. Later on he even hugged me, just a friendly kinda side-arm thing but it weirded me out. I know I flinched when he did it too and I didn't want to make him feel bad but I couldn't help it.

I know he didn't mean anything by it and probably felt like a bit of a father-figure but as he was leaving he even did what my grandmother used to do to me and he reached up to my cheek and gave a little squeeze with his thumb and fore finger. I felt my hand come up to swat his away and tried to control it by grabbing his hand and shaking it but I don't know how well it worked.

I know, it's just me. The guy is completely normal. I just don't think we will ever hire Sanduskey Roofing again.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

How it really happened.

I know, I know. It looks really bad for me but it's not what it seems. I had gone to South Carolina to visit some family and work on my tan, which as you can see by my pic here has really improved. Besides, I heard the cops were really cool there. So, anyway,I borrowed a friends' card and went to Buffalo Wild Wings, had a few drinks and went to the bathroom to clean my fingernails with my knife. Evidently some guy in there thought I was trying to rob him see he took off all his clothes. People are crazy, huh? So, see, it's not all that bad but maybe don't say anything to my church, ok?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

I thought hackers were supposed to be smart.

I just got this email:

Due large number of new members joining to our website we decided to do a review of our members , to see our inactive users.
There before you need to Click Here to login in your craigslist account .
If you choose not to login your craigslist account will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.
Craigslist Team

Now even though I taught Dew everything he knows about computers, that does not mean that I am a computer guru. Nevertheless, I caught on pretty quickly that this was not really an email from Craigslist. First, Craigslist would not send an email like this. Also, even Craigslist can spell and they know grammar. Lastly, when you hover over the link where it says, "Click here" the domain name is C'mon folks. It's 2012. Don't insult me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Unintended irony

"With all due respect we don't need God on our sidelines." - Terrell Suggs

With all due respect? I don't know who Suggs is but evidently he was bashing Tim Tebow, who I only know because he has made the news for stuff besides football.

Speaking of Tebow, am I the only one who thinks it's a slam to "do the Tebow"? To get down on one knee and pretend to be praying sounds to me like you are making fun of the guy. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. What do you think? Anyway, it's all just one more reason not to watch that stuff on TV.