Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Computer still dead

Ok, this is getting old! My home computer is still on the fritz. I took it to the geeks and they said to re-download the original disks that came with it but that didn't seem to help. I still come up with a screen that says ctl-alt-del. When I do that it just reboots and says the same thing. Do I need a new computer or should I let the geeks diagnose it for $70?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Computer problems

Sorry for the light posting. My home computer came up with the blue screen of death and I don't know what to do. Any ideas? I have alot to blog about. I just don't want to do from my work computer. I'm anxious to tell you about my new gun purchase (I'm now forty calibers of deadly!). I'll give you my Walmart theory. My thoughts about Guns n Roses, pirates, common sense, my trip to Canada, why you don't give pigs too much bran, my advice to my kids, and, of course, Marilyn and Teddy! Okay, maybe not all of that but you may be surprised. I'm about to start coming out of my shell. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bo vs. Bo

Look at that sissy dog on the left! What kind of self-respecting canine would be seen in a multi-color lei? This is just to serve notice that the real first dog has always been OUR Bo (on the right)! As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "Change your name or change your ways".

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm either gay or old.

I figure I either went gay or got old because I was wearing a pair of jeans yesterday called "Indigo Palms". Double belt loops and orange piping on the back pockets. Hey, they're comfortable so shut up! My mom got them at a garage sale for like fifty cents. But they might as well be called "Homo Palms". Oh, that's gross! Oh, well, they'll probably look good with my old fishing hat and dress shoes. Or pumps...no, not pumps. That's going too far.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter thoughts

Today was a good day. It wasn't perfect but it was good. I took a long bike ride today after church and that is always conducive to deep thinking for me. At least as deep as I can get. Plato still ain't scared of me. I thought alot about what Easter really is and how it applies to me. I thought about the crucifixion of Jesus and horrible it was. I thought about Judas betraying his friend Jesus and wondered how a person could do that which immediately made me think of how many times in different ways I myself have done that. My thoughts could easily have taken me miles down the road of a guilt trip I didn't have to take. I thought about my life and how things might be different if I had made better choices in the past. What if I did things better now and did the things I know I need to do? What if...? What if...?

My life, like today, is not perfect but it is good and the good stuff always seems to come in spite of myself. I have alot to be thankful for but today of all the days of the year I am reminded of the thing that I am most blessed to have and it is because of this day we celebrate. Mark 16:6 says, "But he said to them, Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him." That one verse changes everything! In fact, it's just those three words in the middle "He is risen!" With those three words I have hope. Not hope like "I hope it rains" or "I hope I get a raise" but an expectant hope - something to look forward to that I know will someday happen.

Honestly, there is alot I don't know or understand. I don't know how Jesus did it and the more I think about it the less I can understand why He did it but I know that I can have peace and joy in the confidence that He did. That's what I decided Easter is about. So, think about it and I hope your day was good.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


As you may know, I enjoy a good quote. When I find one interesting, I like to share it here. Now this one, I have to admit, cracked me up. I don't know where it came from and it is not theologically deep or even correct. I believe God has a sense of humor and even enjoys seeing his kids laughing -- so in a way God thinks this quote is funny. What do you think?

Impotence is God's way of saying, "No hard feelings".

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ok, now what?

"We know more about war than about peace. We know more about killing than about living. This is our 20th Century's claim to progress -knowledge of science outstrips capacity for control. We have too many men of science, too few men of God. The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. We are a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants."

--- General Omar Bradley

It may have been fifty years ago when General Bradley said this but it is very applicable today. Great motivating words -- but motivating to do what?

James 1:5
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

I feel so guilty now.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Popcorn makes me happy!

I rarely fawn over a place so much as to recommend it here but this is me fawning! I didn't even know I could fawn but since now that's the word I chose, I'll go with it. Whatever it means, you need to go to The Popcorn Stop in Arlington. Make a special trip if you need to. It will be worth it. I told you I went there last week and got a few flavors. Well, yesterday I went back there and bought 9 other flavors. They have 55 different flavors. I felt like a kid in a popcorn store! They also have all kinds of different candies that you don't see anymore like candy cigarettes. Gotta love 'em just don't let your kids see 'em. I bought all kinds of popcorn: cheese, sour cream and chives, loaded baked potato, mac and cheese, jalapeno ranch, dill pickle (actually very good), blackberry, cheesecake and something else. All of it wonderful. I was so happy when I got home from work that I did the popcorn dance. I'm thinking about getting a bunch of those "party size" bags and filling up my car and just driving around, eat, eat, driving around, eat, eat, fill up the bathtub, eat, eat, smoke a candy cigarette, eat, eat, sit in the kiddie pool full of popcorn, eat, eat...you get the idea.