Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good day at the range

I took my niece, Blair, to the gun range yesterday. I found out on our way over there that she had never shot a gun before so it was pretty exciting for her. And I have to say that she did incredible! You may not think so by looking at the target but we shot all kinds of ways. I had her shoot 2 handed, one handed, and left handed from pretty close to very far. After the target got pretty full in the center, I told her to aim for the left or right shoulder or the white box up top and she did really well. "Some" may call this gun "soul-less" but not Blair. She loved it and so did I.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I had some friends come over to the house today and of course my dogs got all excited as dogs will. My friends are dog lovers and so they petted them all and then one of them points to Bo and says, "He needs a filipet." "A what?", I asked. He repeated, "A filipet." "What the heck's a filipet?" "A what? No. A PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER!" He looked at me like I was the crazy one. I finally understood what he said. "Oh, ok...wait. Why does my dog need a phillips head screwdriver?" He gave me the same look as before, like I was the idiot. "What?", he said. "I didn't say your dog needed one. I need one!" Oh good grief. So I got one for him and half expected him to hand it to Bo but he turned around and tightened up my door knob. Weird.