Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shut up and go to my church!

I often hear people complaining about their church. I have heard friends and family say that their church is dead or boring or even Biblically incorrect and I wonder why they still go there. I'm not talking about the sham that Obama is trying to pull with that church in Chicago, I'm talking about people that go to the same church every week and leave feeling, acting, and living the same as they went in. Maybe they are going for the wrong reason to begin with. I understand that some people go to church out of habit or because they feel pressured to by someone or some thing or because it makes them look good or feel good just to go somewhere.

To be honest, I didn't really want to go to church this morning. I have alot of things going and I had several semi-valid reasons for not getting up, getting dressed, getting in the car and driving thirty minutes to church today. I'm sure everybody has days like that but as soon as I got there I was glad I made the effort. I know my church is not for everyone. Being the youngster that I am, I like to have my music pretty lively. I also like my pastor to be pretty lively and I like a Bible Fellowship or Sunday School that is not afraid to tackle hard questions (even if the teacher could be better at asking them sometimes). But even if my kind of church is different than your kind of church, you need to find a church that fits you.

Sometimes finding a church that fits is difficult and I am not promoting leaving the church you are in just because some little thing has made you uncomfortable. No church is perfect because it is filled with imperfect people and that includes the pastor and staff. It breaks my heart to find out somebody left a church because somebody sat in their seat or the pastor didn't smile big enough when he said hello or that music director talks too much! It's time to get smooth over that piddly stuff and start worshipping in spirit and truth like the Bible says. But you have to realize that your pastor is not the one that is being worshipped and, yes, sometimes the pastor has to realize that too. Pastors make mistakes like all of us do but they also have incredible responsibility and I love and appreciate my pastor for being who he is and what he does day in and day out. It has to be difficult sometimes.

As I looked around in our worship time this morning and I saw my close, dear friends and I saw faces I had never seen before, I felt God's presence in a real way. I saw friends who were hurting deeply and lifted them up in prayer. I had other friends tell me they were praying for me. I opened my Bible and learned more about who Jesus is and not once was I bored. I never once felt intimidated, embarrassed, or pressured. I left that place different than when I went in and I know others did as well.

Again, I know that my church is not for every one. People like different things or are accustomed to "doing" worship different and ours is not necessarily the best way but I love my church. I look forward to next Sunday already. Maybe you don't feel the same way. Maybe you dread going to church. I hate that for you. It shouldn't be that way. Your relationship with Jesus Christ deserves better than a dead church so if that is the case with you then quit complaining and put out a little effort and find the church that is right for you. I hope it is Hulen Street Baptist Church but if not, I pray you find the church that is right for you. It will be worth it, I promise!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Condi comments

I started to do the usual "I read Todd's blog 10 times a day" caption but I know there are better ones. Here's a couple to get you started:

Aw, C'mon, George, just one more game of patty-cake!

Everybody now! Put ya hands in the air like ya just don't care!

Push 'em back! Push 'em back! Waaay back!

Eight little, nine little, ten little Native Americans...

Please Governor Spitzer, I said No!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two wrongs make a Democrat

I know! I know! When his pastor was found out to be a racist, bigoted, anti-semitic , anti-American hate-monger, Obama should have just said, "I have a different memory about him than that" and that would explain everything!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Her time to go...

Just so you don't have to look at my whopping eyes at the top of the page, I'm posting this webpage and my thought that this is pretty much God leaning down and pointing His finger at you and saying, (use your best God voice here)"Time's up!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The better to see you with, my dear!

Forgive the light posting lately, for some reason I have a pretty good headache! Could be because the doctors removed some bone around my eyes. Or it could be work stress!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Terrorists are funny!

I couldn't keep a straight face and try to write this. There are just too many things that make me laugh! First, what exactly is a "bycott"? And "religious violation"? Is that what the two guys on the far right are doing? Can't you just hear them all singing, "Put your hands up and SHOUT!"? Little bit louder now. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I only wear it for the articles!

Just say "NO", Moses!

The truth has finally come out this week about the embarrassing drug habit of one of our religious founding fathers. I am sad to admit that the 12-step program Moses was in (yes, that Moses) could only take him so far and that to really have several of his other-worldly experiences he turned to smoking the Biblical equivalent of a doobie. We now realize the burning bush was really a burning blunt and that his mountain top experiences were trips provided by his dealer Aaron. It is sad to have to acknowledge the reason God provided manna in the desert was just because Moses had the munchies and the millions of people following him just wanted a sample of that sweet Canaanite Gold. So remember: Friends don't let friends get 10 commandments!

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm #2! I'm #2!

Hey, Hillary how many chins do you have and how many times a day do you read "Blog? I thought you said dog"?