Monday, April 22, 2013

Because I always do what Dewey says.

This is a rock. This is a big rock. It is, in fact, the biggest wild rock I have ever seen. Oh, sure, there are some bigger domesticated rocks or maybe some bigger rocks in zoos somewhere but this is the biggest rock I have ever seen in its' natural habitat. The reason I took this picture in the first place was because I was instantly reminded of the days when I customized trucks for a living. I worked in a shop with several bays and 2 buildings. We always had the radio on to either country music or some kind of rock music (now don't get ahead of me here). I remember one day we had it on some heavy metal music and the singer was singing over and over again, "I want to rock!!! I want to rock!!! I want to rock!!!" Eddie was an older man who worked in the other building and he just happened to be walking into our building when the lead singer was carrying on. Eddie walked through and without a pause just said, "Man! I wish somebody would give that guy a rock."