Monday, March 19, 2012

About the only thing that didn't happen at church yesterday.

Maybe next Sunday...

Dr. Dewgood said I should write this.

Two years later and I still miss her every day and wish I didn't. In a life with more than my share of regrets, my greatest regret is getting married. My second greatest regret is not trying harder to stay married. There ya go, Doc. Your check is in the mail.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Doggie Door

This is my little princess, Sara.

Normally she is perfect in every way. But lately she has decided she doesn't like to stay in the back yard with Bo and Dori.

She was pretty persistent in her digging out and so I finally had to put up an electric fence. I got it completely installed yesterday knowing i would be gone to a meeting all day today. I came home to find this:

The door has had a few scratches on it but Sara did 99% of this today including ripping out a panel so she could get in and wait for me to get home. I guess Dori is not big enough and Bo is too big because only Sara was inside. Just inside the door a kitchen chair was knocked over so when she went in she must have been going fast.