Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where's the bacon?

What kind of sissy-boy burger doesn't have bacon?


Don Dodson said...

I agree. Give me bacon and keep the fritos.

Anonymous said...

yum yum, A snack!


The Donald said...

Like that Amarillo steakhouse, they should have a policy that if you can eat it by yourself in an hour, it's free.

The bacon sounds good, but if I were making one of those, it'd have mushrooms and swiss cheese - hold the chili & fritos (not that I don't like chili & fritos, but not with my 'shrooms).

Of course, Sonic could offer a "Dewey Tuesday" special: 2 four pound burgers (your choice of dressing), a KFC bucket of fries or rings, and a 64 oz. soft drink.

Anonymous said...

What does "The Donald" mean by fires OR rings?