Monday, March 23, 2009

Beach week

Big decisions and deep thinking this past week! Decisions like, should I go to the beach or the pool? And thinking about such things as: if there is somebody fatter and hairier than me there is it ok to take off my shirt? Also, what is the age limit for thongs? Does that woman really think anybody wants to see her in that? Socrates I ain't but I am a thinker and I had plenty of time to do that in Acapulco this week. Enjoy a few of the pics.


The Donald said...

I'm jealous!

Don Dodson said...

I'm sure you spent a full half second pondering these questions:

Should I feel guilty that I am here and Don is at work?

Should I get up from the beach and post Story Time Part 10?

How will I ever get rid of this weight I'm putting on?

todd said...

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

No bikini babe pictures?