Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Their patron saints are Smith & Wesson

Ok, don't rag on me cuz S&W didn't make that particular gun or something! It's just a funny picture! Lighten up. Besides we all know that neither Catholics nor Muslims will be in Heaven. Or most Church of Christ.

h/t imao


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a funny picture.

Tried to do a little research, no luck, though I found a suggestion that it's from a fake 'Grindhouse' trailer (?).

If they were American, post war-between-the-states, I would posit that they are bearing trapdoor Springfields.

If they were Swiss, one might suggest Schmidt-Rubin K31s.

I tend to think of S&W as a handgun manufacturer, but they did market some long arms, mostly produced in Japan by Howa.

Legend has it that once every three months, they would take to the low-lying creek basins with their guns and thin the woods of indigenous swine, after which they would prepare, with the blessings of the appropriate patron saint, magnificent bacon explosions for the townfolk.

Anyway, bully for the soul sisters!

Don Dodson said...

Muslim hell is run by George Bush.
Muslim heaven is run by Barack Obama.