Monday, December 29, 2008

Learn to spell what you hate!

Death to the Juice! Death to the Juice! Death to...what? Misspelled? Dangit!


The Donald said...

Once again illustrating the old story of solidarity:

First they came for the carrot juice, but I wasn't into carrot juice, so I said nothing.

Then they came for the pineapple juice, but, since it wasn't my favorite, I said nothing again.

Still later they came for grape juice. I knew this could spell trouble for communion Sundays, but I remained silent.

Then, one by one, they came for grapefruit, orange, and tomato juice - the kinds that mix well with vodka and gin. But by then, there were too few juices left to stand up, and so all perished.

An important lesson, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I believe OJ was guilty just as much as the next guy, but the death penalty? That's taking things a little too far just for stealing sports memorabilia.

-Judge Ito

Anonymous said...

When Hitler put the juice in concentration camps, did he burn them or freeze and can them???


Anonymous said...

Dew - it's just like the name implies. They were in "concentration" camps.

Therefore it follows the juice were frozen into concentrate.

For those of you out in radioland, pay no mind to the A&M PhD in the corner staring at the can of grape juice. He's just following instructions.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad, I am a sheet-head.

- Achmed

Anonymous said...

I said nothing when they came for the prune juice...because I am just a regular guy.

The Donald said...

"What it means: Get a Job!? Don't you silly imperialist, Zionist Americans understand this my job? I hold sign with words I can't spell. I could not get job as suicide bomber, but long term prospects better as protestor."

- Abdul

Anonymous said...

Hey Mahmood, how would you like me to give you some good noose?