Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two Things

1) Things could be worse, I guess. At least it wasn't Hillary.

2) Is it too early to start campaining for Sarah Palin 2012?


The Donald said...

Well, as they say, the future starts now.

Not one of those who believes Gov. Palin was a negative for the GOP, I'm not sure she's an automatic for the standard-bearer in '12.

That said, it's also fair to point out that, as Mayor and Governor, she already possesses more executive experience than "that one", and, should she assume the position of the [hopefully] departing Sen. Stevens, she would have equal U.S. Senate experience. So, it could be possible.

The Rs have two years to regroup and show America that they stand for something. '10 can, as mid-terms tend to, be a referendum on how well they've done.

Palin/Nugent - now there's a take-no-prisoners ticket!

Anonymous said...

Todd, don't you mean "Billary"? After all, when you get one, you get them both - maybe we dodged TWO bullets!

Anonymous said...

out of the frying pan , into the fire.


p.s. I started to use the pot/kettle analogy but that would be wrong.