Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something to be thankful for

This Thanksgiving, if nothing else, you can always be thankful that Rosie bombed on her new TV special last night so hopefully we won't have to see her obese face on the screen much more. I didn't see the show as I would rather be scissor-kicked in the adam's apple than have to endure that but critics were not kind. When will Rosie realize that she has no talent and did she really think a variety show would work for her? Has a variety show ever worked for anybody? The answer is no! Oh, I know Dolly Parton did so well with it as did Donny and Marie but even they were at least interesting to look at. Why did a fat, bitter, untalented, unfunny, fat, lesbian wanna-be has-been think she could pull it off? Let's hope she stays gone from our airwaves forever. Bless her heart.


Anonymous said...

Todd! How can you call Rosie a 'lesbian wanna-be"? That's so rude and insensitive of you.

I'm pretty sure she's a bona-fide, for-real lesbian.

Anonymous said...

fat can be handsome!!!


todd said...

Not a lesbian wanna-be but a has-been wanna-be &
fat can be gay, too!

The Donald said...

Posting that picture on your blog before we're finished digesting our wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner - INEXCUSABLE!