Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Olan Mills

"Hey, Neal, you wear the rainbow shirt", says Bob, "and I'll wear the one that has the 'Neal is my BFF' crest on it".


The Donald said...

I take it these were the guys protesting at that church...

Or, maybe a cheesy Hall & Oates tribute band (is that redundant?).

The Donald said...

During the same photo shoot, Bob and Neal took turns wearing the Indian headdress and policeman uniform.

Anonymous said...


"Yes, Bob?"

"Can I talk with you? I mean, can I be frank?"

"Aw, c'mon, Bob, you were Frank last time. Can't you be Eric or Bruce instead?"

Anonymous said...

"Look Bob!"

"Yeah, Neal, what is it?"

"This Indian costume loincloth doesn't have anything underneath."

"I know. And the Cowboy outfit doesn't have any jeans under the chaps."

"Bob, will you come with me to Connecticut and get married?"