Friday, August 01, 2008

Dude, I got so Ambien'ed last night!

Maybe you have heard stories about people taking the prescription sleeping pill Ambien and doing crazy things while they are asleep. There are numerous reports of people sleep-walking, sleep-driving and even sleep-eating while on Ambien but I never believed it until I started taking the drug. It has been a problem for me a couple of times when something finally does wake me up at night but now I seem to have another problem with Ambien: sleep-blogging.

I started taking Ambien about a year ago and immediately noticed a wonderful difference in my ability to get to sleep. Between health problems and teenagers it seemed that a good night's sleep was just a dream but this wonder drug changed all that. And more. Twice I have woken up to find myself somewhere besides my bed and one of those times could have landed me in jail if the cops had asked me any questions and realized how out of it I was. No kidding.

Many times my wife has asked me if I remember the phone ringing in the night or her trying to wake me up but I didn't respond. Some people tell me that they have to take Ambien practically on the way down the hall to their bed or they won't make it but I'm not that way. I can take it and then I have a few minutes before I start getting sleepy. That's where the problem comes with blogging. I need pretty much silence to write anything here and usually wait until my wife goes to bed to start typing. I don't do it on purpose but several times I have woken up the next day and not known what I had written about the night before. I promise I'm not kidding. I have checked my email more than once and there is a response to some post that I have no idea how it got there.

The point of me explaining this is twofold. First, if you decide you need help falling asleep then I recommend Ambien but be very careful and it is probably best not to be alone if you take it. Secondly, read this blog with a grain of salt. I'm not smart enough to comment on most things if I'm not on Ambien but if you read something here and it's stupid or doesn't make sense then we can blame it on the pill. Also, if I offend somebody (like saying your soul patch looks gay) there is a good chance I was doped up when I wrote it. Not always, but sometimes. So, beware of anything I write after about 9:30. And I will try to stay off the computer and in my bed tonight.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that explains the blog about the Zombies...say, did they have soul patches also?

Anonymous said...

Todd, I saw you typing at midnight with one gloved hand.

- Vincent Price