Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I do for fun...

I have always seemed to get bored pretty easy but lately it is taking more to entertain me. For instance, just the other day I stopped by the local gas station and pumped a tank full of gas. I went in and paid for the gas, got back in the car and then drove up about 20 feet. My idea worked better than expected and I and many others were highly entertained.. As I drove up with the gas nozzle still in my gas tank filler, the nozzle broke off the pump. It was so funny when the gas started to gush out of the top of the pump like a waterfall and rain down on the car on the other side. The highly entertained owner of the car cried out, "Is it going to blow up"? Haha, what a funny lady! I told her, "Yeah, probably" and she drove off toward the fire station.

Well with my work done and since the Hazmat team had arrived, I hated to leave . They're funny guys and do a great job so I know they'll get a kick out of it!

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Anonymous said...

I had a friend from Azle (formerly lived in Keller), and has since passed on, who pulled away from service stations - not once, not twice, but THREE times with the hose still attached to the gas tank filler. A bit absent-minded, I guess.

It was nice to see recently that the Lutheran Church in Azle named their youth ballfield in his memory.