Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I do windows!

The holidays are approaching fast and company is coming!


What to do…paint your home? Update the kitchen or bathroom? Clean your windows? "There is nothing more cost effective to improve the appearance and showcase your home, than to have your windows professionally cleaned." – M. B. Lynch, REMAX realtor.


Interior / Exterior, Construction Clean-up, Storm Windows, Skylights, Mirrors, Screens, Sills

Typical cleaning includes inside and outside of windows. Includes screen removal and cleaning of both sides and cleaning the frame and sills.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes get the dreaded 'blue screen of death' shortly after startup.

Do I need a new IEEE cable or a registry cleanup utility?

The Donald said...

Hey, I've got an entrepreneurial idea!

Company's coming over, you want to make a good impression, the windows are filthy, the carpet needs vaccuuming. You know you should hire Todd the Window Cleaner and his Merry Maids, but at what cost?

May I suggest to you an alternative?

Don the Light Dimmer will come to your house and install dimmer switches in all the rooms your guests will access.

Your guests won't notice the pizza and pinot noir carpet stains, and you can keep the drapes closed to create a warm, intimate setting for your company.

Don the Dimmer: Call BR-548.

todd said...

Don, you're pretty dim.
Anon: get a Mac.