Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best tat ever!

I was in Randy Adams' tattoo shop this morning with my neice and we came up with what I am sure will be my next tattoo. What do you think?


It's Chinese for "handsome warrior".
It means "Blog? I thought you said Dog!"
Or maybe it was the Chinese government's highest award given for honor and valor.
Or it's my Chinese girlfriend's pet name for me: "Studmuffin".

I'm going to get it at the top of my back and it actually says (get this!): Kick Me. Seriously, how funny is that?! Think about it. It's the ultimate joke. I can give people the "honor and valor" line if I want or whatever name I feel like being called by my supposed Chinese girlfriend but when a real Chinese person sees it they will think, "Oh, stupid Gringo (or whatever slang they use). Haha, very funny!"

So they think I'm stupid when I really did it on purpose! Epic! Just epic!

What else should I say that it says?


Anonymous said...

I think your nuts!


Anonymous said...

Dew, leave [them] out of the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Say, is that Randy Adams exhibit still going on at the Amon Carter?

todd said...

I think that's Ansel Adams but Randy's would be more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Randy's the guy in Alabama!

Anonymous said...

It means "I have dingleberries".