Friday, December 04, 2009

The Symphony

I saw both ends of the spectrum today. I had to go to the Walmarts (my wife says I should quit calling it that) and I saw a perfect mullet, a woman in total camo from her pants to her shirt to her cap, and one of the fattest people I have ever seen. In the time it took me to get some medicine and get out of there I felt I lost about 50 IQ points. This evening, though, was just the opposite. My sister invited some of the family to go to the symphony and we had a great time. We all got dressed up and I acted like I was not a brain-dead redneck long enough to feel some brain cells almost come back to life. I'm sorry the picture is not better but it shows how close we were to the orchestra. I could have read the music, well...if I could read music. Wow! The sound was incredible! The musicians were incredibly talented and we had front-row seats to see and hear as well or better than the conductor himself. I went to their website and the first chair violinist plays a 1710 Stradivari worth millions of dollars. I can't even comprehend that! Do you know how much camo you could buy with that kinda money?


The Donald said...

I need to stay out of the Walmarts if IQ drops by 50 points - else I might go into IQ deficit mode!

Anonymous said...

"The perfect mullet"

I suppose that would be an example of an oxy-moron, no?