Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Could it be?

It's very rare that I even try to predict anything and even rarer when I'm right about something . Ok, this is the first time but I would say it's a pretty big deal! I don't want to...actually, I do want to tell you that I told you so. Global warming is a complete and total hoax.


The Donald said...

I was watching The Snow Queen, a Hallmark Home Entertainment movie from about 2002 last night.

It had a talking polar bear.

And Bridget Fonda.

The Donald said...

I re-rented The Snow Queen last night so my daughter could see the end of it (it was 2:45 long, and she'd only seen about half last weekend).

Spoiler the end the polar bear turns into a prince or somesuch.

No updates available on the Coca-Cola polar bears.