Friday, September 11, 2009

My flag

I have to admit that I had not really thought about flying a flag until about 9/12/01. The day before really brought home to me and millions of other Americans the importance of my country and so, like so many others, I bought a flag and perched it out front of my house. I don't know how many flags I've had to replace now but I make sure that mine stays in good shape and keep a light on it at night. It has flown every day since then. It won't bring back three thousand-plus people but I haven't forgotten them.


The Donald said...

I was working in the fields yesterday, listening to KLUV as I performed my duties.

Enjoyed hearing Johnny Cash's "This Old Flag" and also a bit that I'm certain was Duke Wayne.

Anonymous said...

If you leave it up at night make sure its lighted. Proper flag stuff you know.