Saturday, September 26, 2009

I knew it!

I knew this was going to be problem! I just knew it. This Facebook thing is a pain in my neck. Number one, I don't really understand how it all works and really don't care to waste brain cells finding out. The problems are that all these people I haven't seen in years are coming out of the woodwork asking to be my Facebook friend. Now, this is ok for some of them but all you freaks I went to high school with, I probably lost touch with you on purpose. It is remotely interesting to see what you look like after all these years but I don't want to rekindle 147 lost friendships. Who has the time or emotional slack to do all that?

Also, all you dorks who only play games on Facebook, quit hogging up my page with pictures of farm animals and fish and then giving me "gifts" of fences or fish hooks. I thought you really wanted to give me a gift, not invite me to join your aquarium watching or whatever that is.

So, again, I don't understand how this works. Can I delete some of these people who I don't want and can I ignore new requests without people thinking bad about me? Is that mean? Because I don't want to be friends with the grandmother of some guy I knew vaguely in 1984, am I a bad guy? Stupid Facebook. I knew this would happen.


Don Dodson said...

Most people who send you a friend request just are curious about what you're doing these days, and you won't be forced into long soul baring conversations with them. If you really don't know the person or don't want to reconnect, then go ahead and ignore their request. It's not considered rude if you don't really know the person. You can also hide the game bragging ads using the "Hide" button at the top right of the box.

Anonymous said...

"Would you like to be my friend?

- Fake Fred Rogers

Don Dodson said...

If they ask you to take an IQ test, don't do it. In fact, if any Facebook ap that asks for your cell-phone number, run away. I wouldn't give them my bank account number or SSN either.