Friday, April 03, 2009

Popcorn makes me happy!

I rarely fawn over a place so much as to recommend it here but this is me fawning! I didn't even know I could fawn but since now that's the word I chose, I'll go with it. Whatever it means, you need to go to The Popcorn Stop in Arlington. Make a special trip if you need to. It will be worth it. I told you I went there last week and got a few flavors. Well, yesterday I went back there and bought 9 other flavors. They have 55 different flavors. I felt like a kid in a popcorn store! They also have all kinds of different candies that you don't see anymore like candy cigarettes. Gotta love 'em just don't let your kids see 'em. I bought all kinds of popcorn: cheese, sour cream and chives, loaded baked potato, mac and cheese, jalapeno ranch, dill pickle (actually very good), blackberry, cheesecake and something else. All of it wonderful. I was so happy when I got home from work that I did the popcorn dance. I'm thinking about getting a bunch of those "party size" bags and filling up my car and just driving around, eat, eat, driving around, eat, eat, fill up the bathtub, eat, eat, smoke a candy cigarette, eat, eat, sit in the kiddie pool full of popcorn, eat, get the idea.


Don Dodson said...

Do they have Bacon Explosion Popcorn?

todd said...

Oh! I will recommend it the next time I'm in there!

The Donald said...

Dang! D² beat me to it!

Much as I like mushrooms, I don't think they'd make a good popcorn flavor.

I for sure have got me some Cajun spice I could gonna shook on the popcorn, though. Aiieeee!

The Donald said...

Here's something to watch while you are filling your kiddie pool:

Took the kids to UTA Planetarium last night for the Rock-n-Roll show and part of the star show.

Lots of trippy images in the RnR show - some of them looked like D²'s fractals.

Anonymous said...

"I speak chive..."

- Fake June Cleaver

Anonymous said...

And if you buy your popcorn in those huge metal cans instead of bags, you can practice to be the next drummer for Metallica or Mötley Crüe or Blue Öyster Cult.

More cöwbell!

- Fake Büddy Rich

Anonymous said...

"A dream come true!"

- Wilbur and Orville Redenbacher