Saturday, April 04, 2009

I feel so guilty now.


The Donald said...

Makes sense to me - no animals were harmed at the grocery store!

They all come factory 'pre-harmed'.

Personally, if I had the time (this is where specialization is a good thing), I would raise my own produce and hunt my own deer/rabbits/pheasant/elk/chickens/ducks. Being an integral part of the eco-chain would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of harming animals...

#1 son was riding his bike home about half an hour or so ago, and called asking what he should do about a possum in the road. Hit by a car, it was immobilized and bleeding, but not dead.

I suggested he call the PD non-emergency number (I happen to know it) and see if they could send an officer out to mercy kill the animal. After a short while, I also hopped in my car to go to where he said he and his friend were waiting.

The officer arrived about 20 minutes later. In the interim, the possum would try to get up, but could only manage to laboriously move in a circle.

Animal control was off-duty, and the officer could not shoot the injured marsupial. I volunteered to get a single-shot .22 with rat shot, but he couldn't authorize that either. After a phone call to his Sergeant, they suggested the animal be moved with a shovel off the road so as to minimize the traffic hazard.

I drove to my house to get a shovel (since the officer didn't have one) and came back and under his supervision moved the still-breathing possum to the ditch.

Clearly mortally wounded, I asked my son and his friend if they agreed I should use the shovel to hasten the animal's demise. They agreed, and after a minute or so (rather than a couple of hours), the possum was dead. I will note that the neck on these animals is very tough - wasn't able to sever it, so I had to hold the shovel on its neck until it expired.

Am an avid hunter, but hate to see any creature die an agonizing death.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could just eat part of the animals that are tasty and let them go about their day without ... say... um ... a backstrap!


todd said...

Y'all are both grossing me out!