Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Computer still dead

Ok, this is getting old! My home computer is still on the fritz. I took it to the geeks and they said to re-download the original disks that came with it but that didn't seem to help. I still come up with a screen that says ctl-alt-del. When I do that it just reboots and says the same thing. Do I need a new computer or should I let the geeks diagnose it for $70?


Don Dodson said...

It depends on how old it is. If it is 5 years old, it is probably due to be replaced. If less than that, it is probably worth fixing.

The Donald said...

If it will get us a new story about Teddy, then yes, spend the $70.

The Donald said...

Also still dead: Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

Good night and have a pleasant to-morrow!

- Fake Chevy Chase

- [louder] Double Fake Garrett Morris