Thursday, April 23, 2009

Computer problems

Sorry for the light posting. My home computer came up with the blue screen of death and I don't know what to do. Any ideas? I have alot to blog about. I just don't want to do from my work computer. I'm anxious to tell you about my new gun purchase (I'm now forty calibers of deadly!). I'll give you my Walmart theory. My thoughts about Guns n Roses, pirates, common sense, my trip to Canada, why you don't give pigs too much bran, my advice to my kids, and, of course, Marilyn and Teddy! Okay, maybe not all of that but you may be surprised. I'm about to start coming out of my shell. Stay tuned.


Don Dodson said...

Re: Blue Screen of Death:

1. Look at what you changed recently. Try backing those changes out, uninstalling the last software or hardware you installed, etc.

2. Try the system restore function by booting in safe mode and following the prompts.

3. Try the windows troubleshooting tool. It is not helpful very often, but once in a while it might point you the right direction.

4. Check to see if your hard drive is full or you are running low on memory. You might need to delete some stuff that you don't need any more.

5. Reinstall Windows.

6. Buy a new computer?

Anonymous said...

you should stop surfing


Anonymous said...

You're coming out?