Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not an anniversary to celebrate

We are going through a video series Wednesday nights at our church entitled "The Journey Through Grief". It is designed especially for those who have suffered the death of a loved one but I have found it to be very good for anyone who has suffered any kind of loss. Part of the healing process involves talking about the person or even writing them a letter saying goodbye. It has been very good for me in my divorce. I only wish I had seen it sooner. So, as part of my own journey I would like to say goodbye to her. It was 3 years ago today that she left me and I still have a hard time believing it sometime. I am having a hard time right now just writing her name. I don't want her back but I miss her every day. I also don't need anybody's comments. I just need to say goodbye. It is not what I want to do. It never was. Goodbye Rhonda.

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