Friday, March 01, 2013

I should be so eloquent...

As pastor of Christ Fellowship ( in Wise County, I often tell people they should come to our church, if for no other reason than the view. Our back deck looks out onto Lake Bridgeport and the sunsets are usually pretty incredible. Our church is right next to the dam and that, of course, was brought up when we were debating on a name change. Thankfully we settled on Christ Fellowship instead of the Dam Church or something similar. Our church has a great relationship with the Unchained Biker Church in Chico a few miles down the road and I got the opportunity to preach there last night. I have been going through a series on Heaven and Hell at our church and so I asked some of the congregation about what they thought I should preach. Should I give them Heaven or Hell? They overwhelmingly agreed that I should preach on Hell so I did. Leave it to Speedy, the pastor of the Biker Church, to bring it all together when he said last night afterward that they should have put a banner out advertising that the dam pastor was going to give them Hell.

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Don Dodson said...

What did the fish say when it bumped into a cement wall?