Monday, November 07, 2011

Somebody should "Occupy" Bausch & Lomb.

I told the Bausch & Lomb manager that I was going to tell all my friends about their scam so here goes. My eye doc told me that if I bought 4 boxes of contacts instead of 2 that I would be eligible for the mail-in rebate. I hate mail-in rebates because it is usually too much work and takes too long to get the money back but I went ahead and did it.

Six weeks went by and I got a letter in the mail saying my rebate was denied because I didn't send in all the required bar codes but they wished me a good day. I immediately called them back and politely told them that I had indeed sent in the correct number of barcodes. The nice lady looked up my account and said that it was not really because I hadn't sent in the barcodes but that it was because I was a new customer.

I politely explained that I had gotten a rebate from them last year for the same deal. She explained that was more than 12 months ago (14 to be exact)so I was considered a new customer. Mind you, 4 boxes of contacts is one year's worth and it takes 2 months to get a rebate so that doesn't make sense. Still polite, but with more urgency I explained the situation to the nice lady's manager who had the compassion of one used to dealing with customers that she could just blow off.

I proceeded to then explain that I knew where she lived and that I had seen where she slept and that her family would weep over what had been done to her but to no avail. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if she really did wish that I would have a nice day at all. Oh well. She will pay for it now. I'm boycotting B&L forever and that's gonna hurt them. Just ask Taco Bell.


The Donald said...

Didja tell her you were gonna slap that dot right off her forehead?

eddie said...

Now that your boycott is in place B&L will likely be out of business soon. You will still need lenses so I will take this opportunity to plug Alcon's recently acquired

Unfortunately rebates are a cursed marketing ploy that everyone seems obligated to join into

On second thought, maybe CIBA is not right for you. I would not want another boycott to put me out of a job:)