Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My Cain bimbo theory.

Anybody else sick of hearing about Herman Cain supposedly doing something improper to somebody sometime somewhere many years ago? Yes, me too. Now I have said recently that

Newt is always going to be the smartest man in the room but I have a theory that Cain is the shrewdest. Everybody wants to know if Obama put these women up to it or was it Perry or Romney or who? I think Cain is doing it to himself and here is why I think he's the shrewdest guy in the room.

When I was in woodshop in high school I built a footstool for my mom. It was for her birthday and so I wanted it to be perfectly smooth so I would sand it down real good and then wet it. Wetting it made all the rough spots stand out and then I would sand them down again and then repeat it. That's what Cain is doing. He hired a few bimbos to say something completely untrue knowing that the media would have a feeding frenzy trying to give him a "high-tech lynching" as he called it.

What's in it for him, you ask? Well, it's a gamble but since it is completely untrue it will run its course and be proven false but then he can sand down the left-wing media for jumping on him but letting Bill Clinton get away from proven and admitted sexual crimes much worse than the ones leveled against Cain. So, hiring the women (who admit they need money so it wouldn't cost much especially since they have no shame) is just "wetting the board" (Dew, add your joke here) and now we just wait for him to sand down the rough media.

Pretty clever, I think. Either that or he's a pervert scumbag. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think you seen to too many spy movies (I know you can't read the books). Is it so ard to beleive that a man so driven to excel would think of himself so hoghly that he would be innappropriate with women.

Hello !!! Bill CLinton anyone?!?!?!?

So why should a republican be any different.

Politicians are built the same just coming from different directions. We have lost the 19th century gentlemen farmer who goes to Washington to do the will of his district. We have powerful men seeking more power and prestige. Its the downfall of democracy.


The Donald said...

So, are you saying that Mr. Cain was maybe just asking for the lady to wet his wood?

(Since Dew didn't go for the slow pitch...)

todd said...

Thanks Don. I knew Dew was in the closet but I didn't know it was also for being a Communist. Too bad he can't spell Communist.

Anonymous said...

I'm for starting over.