Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Taps" played here.

It's the end of an era. A sad departure for two old friends who outlived most of their peers. Spicy mustard served me well for many years. Countless sandwiches were made...well, spicy by just its presence. An expiration date of September 2005 couldn't bring an end to our relationship until now and just last week it gracefully added just what was missing to an otherwise forgettable ham sandwich.
Yoplait Yogurt was a sad story. Never used. Never opened. It's sweet, yet nasty taste was never endured for the sake of saying I ate something healthy. It was finally laid to rest after spending what must have seemed like eternity in the back of my now-clean fridge. With its expiration date of last winter, may it rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

If all you can blog about is cleaning out your fridge then you need help. What chance is there for the rest of us? Is this the end of an era? Is Jesus coming now?I am so confused!!!


todd said...

The first sentence said that, yes, this is the end of an era. There is very little chance for you, Dew. Yes, Jesus is coming very soon and I know you are confused. All the lights and shiny colors can be disorienting. Take one of your pills and try to count to 4.

The Donald said...

Dew, we sorta take the fact that you are confused as a given.