Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guess who's not sleeping in the bed tonight?

For the third time in as many weeks my dogs tangled with a skunk tonight. The two bigger ones managed to come out of it without a scent but Dori got it so bad her fur was wet. Luckily, I had stocked up on the ingredients to make a skunk-removal shampoo (peroxide, baking soda and Dawn soap). That stuff works great but there is still a slight odor although it may just be imbedded in my lungs and nostrils. Yesterday, Dori caught a dove that was flying too low to the ground. A few days ago she killed the neighbor cat and her greatest accomplishment was, of course, the feral chicken. I'm pretty sure the skunk made out better but it wasn't for her lack of trying.


The Donald said...

Dori the Warrior Dog!

Afraid of eau de Pepé le Pew? From someone who wore a skunk helmet?

In other news, our pastor used an alliterative gem, worthy of William Safire (he penned 'nattering nabobs of negativism' for Spiro Agnew) this past weekend.

The alliteration? Diabolical diatribe of disunity.

Pretty good, huh?

todd said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should take Dori dove hunting with me instead of you. She seems to be better at it!


el chupacabra said...

Adding a splash of Febreeze to the mix will freshen that puppy right up.
That was the gayest thing I've ever said.

The Donald said...

Dew, you mean Dori-Belle doesn't take pictures of the cutesy wittle doves?

The Donald said...

Dew, I talked to a guy out west last week - he said the doves were not particularly plentiful presently, but that because of the water & crop situation, tended to be concentrated when they could be found.

He said Frisco has good numbers (and also that folks are getting $250 for a day hunt on opening weekend - above my pay grade).