Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 years ago

Two years ago this week I woke up in the hospital in the middle of Nowhere, Utah with a broken leg.

It was the end of the best motorcycle trip of my life even if you factor in the hospital stay (that I almost have paid off). I met some interesting people, saw flora and fauna to dream about and learned a lot about myself.

I also learned a little something about the ex-princess on my visit. She said it would be ok if I missed her birthday but only if I brought her back something good. I guess she should have defined "good" as expensive and blingy (and redundant) because my definition of "good" was a beautiful flower that I had picked from the side of the highest passable mountain in Colorado. I had to climb over a sign that said "Do not cross. Danger". I then leaned over the side of a cliff and picked the most incredible yellow flower and managed to keep it intact even through the crash. It was the first thing I checked on when I woke up. I think she actually threw it away in the hospital trash can.

I got rid of all my cool stuff shortly after that. Between her and the bills she left me with, I couldn't keep the bike, the boots, the guns, the TV, etc, etc. But of all the stuff I lost, I miss that Honda Shadow the most. Good times.


eddie said...

And the moral of this sad story is...uncertain and probably hard to embrace.

How about this? When God shows you the promised land do not wait 40 years to take possession.

Get another bike.

todd said...

Oh, I'm trying, Ed, I'm trying.

todd said...

Oh, and by the way, Eddie, if not for you that bike would probably be a Mormon right now!