Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He didn't need it anyway.

For my 500th blog post I would like to give this thought: How do either one of them ever live this down?!

I'm not even trying to google a good picture of this.


The Donald said...

Sounds like reason enough to wear a biteproof vest.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. I know just the solution.

The other night I was surfing the UHF channels before lights out, and came across some program called She's Crafty, sort of a little league Martha Stewart.

It featured three thirtysomething or maybe even fortysomething hausfraus making cutesy crafts. One of them was sorta hawt, the other two, so-so.

Anyway, they were making, uh, tassels, using some stuff from the hobby store, a glue gun, and some glittery ribbon or somethin'.

When they were done, they put them on (over their t-shirts) and a couple of 'em were really goin' to town demonstrating how this might enhance domestic bliss.

To keep from overheating, I turned the channel and watched Kirk Cameron's show for a few minutes...

todd said...

I call that my Saturday night shirt!

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I stole this next from Leno -

"At least the assailant wasn't a midget!"