Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Red Green look

Before my trip to the northland my mother was telling me how worried she was about me but got some consolation from my sister. My sister told her not to worry about me because nobody was going to mess with me because I "look mean". She said she knew I was sweet but I looked like somebody mean. I was almost offended at first but I've come to like that idea. Then today at work a lady said I was starting to look kinda scary. Hmm...My facial hair looks like Red Green's without the sideburns. I just have the drip-down, goatee, fu-manchu thing going but it's getting kinda out of hand. Red Green says, "If the women can't find you handsome, at least they can find you handy." And I say if they can't find me handy then at least I can scare 'em.


The Donald said...

Taking a lesson from Red Green, I'm sure all that ails your bike can be repaired with duct tape, eh?

John said...

Love the red green show!!!!!