Monday, July 20, 2009

Is there an on-time doctor in the house?

Ok, I'll try to make this the last rant about doctors but I make no guarantee. Between growing old and "being very lucky" I have seen my share of doctors lately but I still don't really understand them. My wife works in the medical field and she has tried to help me understand the mindset but I have to admit I still don't. My appointment today was at 4:00 pm. My doctor bebops in at 5:12 pm. I'm sound asleep in the examining room chair and he walks in and all he has to say is, "Crutches, huh?" and then proceeds to lecture me about the dangers of motorcycles.

No apology for being late. No "sorry I'm running a little behind" or "pardon my tardiness" or "excuse me for being an arrogant jerk who knows that my time is so much more valuable than yours and I know you can't do anything about it". No nothing. I can't even conceive of that! How can you have a scheduled appointment and run over an hour late and still keep your job much less be part of society and do it consistently and not feel any remorse for keeping somebody waiting. I had a month-old Time Magazine to help me pass the time. I'm just mad. Somebody tell me what society is going to do about this. Nothing? I should have crotched him with a crutch and lectured him on the dangers of lecturing me about anything. Yea, that's what I should have done.


Don Dodson said...

BO is about to pass his medical takeover. If you think that wait was bad, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Anonymous said...

When I go I never complain, That way I always get a sticker and a lollipop!