Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More handgun probs

Ok, I have a few problems with this article. First off, it's so very obviously a toy gun and anybody should be able to tell even tucked into a waistband. Secondly, these kids were rummaging around the dumpsters looking for unused booze on a college campus. Is there such a thing as unused booze on a college campus and would they really throw it in a dumpster? Also, the fourth paragraph says, "No shots were fired". No (headbob) kidding! It was a toy gun! This article is getting on my nerves!


The Donald said...

Confused for a real gun by whom? Martians?

Actually, if that toy gun is so convincing, I'm gonna go to the toy aisle at the local Kroger and buy 5 of them - and take them to the next gun buyback to get...5 x $50 Kroger gift certificates!

Note to kids: Stay away from the unused booze in the dumpsters - that might not really be gold tequila!

Don Dodson said...

What on earth are the four in custody for? Did they arrest the person who started this panic for stupidity?