Monday, June 15, 2009

Could have been worse...

Ok, this is just off the top of my head. I didn't see Letterman when he told "the joke" and I didn't see him when he apologized and I know that much is told non-verbally so I just have to go by what I read here. My first thought is: at least he said that much. I just assumed he didn't feel bad at all about saying something like he did about Sarah Palin's daughter.

If you don't know what I'm talking about well, good for you. Nevermind. Don't worry about it but most people have heard that David Letterman said something offensive about the Palins. To tell you the truth, I wonder when people are going to quit taking seriously what "famous" people say. He's a stupid comedian who went for some cheap laughs by taking a shot at somebody else that is famous. Did he mean for the joke to be about the 18 year old or the 14 year old? Who knows? Who cares? What's really the difference? Yes, it's tasteless and offensive but get over it. That's what people like him say.

I'm a big Palin fan but honestly, she probably overreacted. I'm not cutting Letterman any slack. He never should have told that joke but Palin should have never let it escalate to this point. Maybe I want to live in a perfect world but people have more important things to do than wah wah about people saying mean things. Put your big-girl panties on and show people that you have style and grace even when your name is slandered and your feelings get hurt.

So, my point is that at least Letterman apologized. Could it have been better? Yeah, sure. Did he really mean it or is he worried about his ratings? Eh, probably a little bit of both. Who knows? Who cares? Let's go to sleep and tomorrow we fight bigger battles. is Teddy ever going to get home?!


Anonymous said...

Amen! Let's hear it for Teddy!

HeHe, he said 'big girl panties'...

Now, are we talking merely 'grown woman undergarments', or something from the Lane Bryant store? 'Cause if it's the latter, well, I've heard enough already.

Just sayin'

Don Dodson said...

No one came out of that looking particularly good.

Letterman's joke was certainly in bad taste regardless of which daughter he had in mind. Raping a 14-year-old is horrible, but it doesn't become comedic gold just because she is 18.

Just because Sarah Palin is a public figure doesn't make her daughters fair game. You don't see comedians making vicious jokes about Obama's daughters. If it is a Democrat, the kids are off limits.

But the Palin's clearly over-reacted. Their press agent needed to step in and help them tone down their statements so that they would look reasonable and dignified and Letterman would look like a jerk.

They muddied the water by focusing on the technicality that it was Willow, not Bristol who was at the game, when the joke was clearly about Bristol. This allowed Letterman to skate by with his claim that "I was talking about Bristol" when it was a crass joke even about the older daughter.

Letterman's apology last night seemed adequate, although it should have come sooner. I hope we can put the whole thing behind us.

just a girl... said...

Over it completely. Not a Palin fan at all! The joke was in bad taste, but give me a break. Hitting all the talk shows to talk about it= overkill.