Friday, October 21, 2011

My nightmare

I'm not sure which part of this I hate more. I've said here before I can't stand for someone to talk over me while I'm still talking and I would not tolerate being touched by someone in this scenario. Bad on Romney. Bad on Perry. Newt is obviously the smartest man in the room and did not have to stoop to any of this.

Now, here's my personal problems with this picture. To start, did your parents not tell you it was extremely poor manners to interrupt someone when they are speaking? There is nothing more rude. What you are saying is that what I have to say is more important than what you have to say and so I'm not even going to show you the courtesy of listening. That is immature and rude and shows your lack of debate skills.

The second issue is just my phobia with having someone touch me. Now you have to understand, this phobia is only in certain settings. I am very touchy, huggy friendly at church or with my family. I like to just stand with my arm around my mom or sister or even nephews. It's not gender-specific for me. My problem is if I were in Perry's position, I would have to remove his hand because in the back of my mind I know that a left hand on the shoulder comes just before the right hand uppercut. I know, I know, it's just my phobia. Maybe I grew up with the wrong friends. Maybe I didn't get enough hugs from strangers or maybe I got too many. Who knows? Just don't interrupt me and none of you freaks reading this better touch me either., Newt, run!


eddie said...

Politics on the Dog Blog?? OK, I will give you credit for human behavior content; albeit bad human behavior.

You did not mention Perry pointing his finger. Impolite and an overt act of aggression in my little mind as well.

The Donald said...

I'm on record as having projected that BHO will not be his party's candidate next year. A prediction, like many I make, that could be wrong.

But, irrespective of who runs as (D), the Rs have got to quit the childish bickering and quit using each other as cannon fodder. It's important if BHO is the candidate - absolutely critical if Hillary is.