Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not funny if you have to explain it.

I knew not everybody in the world would understand my last post but I thought my 4 loyal blog readers would at least understand my humor and know how my blog is set up. Just so everybody knows, that last post was written by me but is only my twisted humor about the article that is linked in the highlighted words at the beginning and end of the post. If you click on the highlighted words it takes you to this page:

See that guy? That ain't me. I'm much more ruggedly handsome. AND...when I drink Jagermeister it doesn't affect my vision.

See that? That, too, was a joke. Let's all laugh at Todd's funny joke. Sorry for the confusion.


eddie said...

Yep, saw it right away.

Now about that meat market; is that inside the loop?

The Donald said...

As one, I assume, of the four loyal readers, I understood the humor.

But I've had lots of really funny material that I've had to explain to you and Dew.

No, it really was good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I never saw the highlight. Maybe a color change would help your jokes, or maybe your just dumb!


P.S. Don is a poopy head!

Don Dodson said...

"Maybe your [sic] just dumb"


Anonymous said...


What's you're problem?