Monday, May 23, 2011

No thanks.

Why does everybody think I need a wife? It seems like here lately so many people have "somebody I'd like for you to meet." It's like asking President Lincoln if he would like to go back and see another show at Ford's Theater. Sure, there were some good parts about being married. Some of them even involved clothes. I was having a real good time up to the point where I was shot in the head by JW Boothe's great-great-granddaughter. Thanks but I really don't want to meet your friend with a great personality (and 3 kids) or the lady your wife works with (who is only slightly bi-polar). No thanks.
...but she's sweet!


el chupacabra said...

Dewd- funny. You nearly made me drop my new laptop.
Recently a co-worker started grilling me about my vital statistics and living arrangement etc.
Why? Allow me to quote:"My daughters kids need a baby daddy. She has three kids by three different dads and one of the babbies is four weeks old..."

The Donald said...

"Now that my glasses have been cleaned by Todd the Blogger, I can see things I never knew existed!"