Friday, April 15, 2011

Glad the week is over.

I know you don't care but it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to. I'm getting a new roof next week because of years of hail storms and wind damage and it seems to be going ok so far with the roofer and insurance adjuster. The problem started when the adjuster gave me a check. Never thought I'd say those words. The check is made out to me and the mortgage company. No problem, I'll just zip on down to the local bank branch and get them to endorse it. Two trips, several phone calls, some online research and who knows how much time spent sitting in offices and waiting for who knows what and waiting for someone to figure out who knows what but finally got the check endorsed.

Now I just need to run it over to my bank to get it cashed. Hahaha yeah right. You know, it's like people don't want to give their money away or something. Anyhow, I'll save you the details and I finally got it cashed and headed home. Oh, I didn't mention my power is out at the house and I'm doing all this running around in my neighbor's car because mine wouldn't start because I was stupid enough to check the air filter. Yep. Filter's fine. Now the car won't start. Turns out I had bumped what is called an inertia switch. This is a switch that shuts off the fuel supply when you are in an accident.

So here I go to the parts place in an '82 Chevy Pieceojunk that reeks of cigarette smoke but I'm so glad I have it. $50 later I get home and install the part. Still nothing. Check the owner's manual (yes, smart alec, I should have done that first) and it says that all you have to do is press the top of the switch to reset it. Deep sigh... No they don't allow returns on electrical items so I guess I paid 50 bucks to learn about inertia switches. And patience.

ps Every now and then I need to vent. Everybody does but it seems like everytime I do that here I go back and read what I wrote and think, "What a crybaby." I have so much to be thankful for, it's embarrassing. Really. I had the time to do it. I had the money. I had the ride. The neighbor was happy to lend me her car. And to top it off I have four loyal readers who feel sorry for me. Right?


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Eddie said...

Wrong is right.

Inertia switch? The problem here is obvious. Next time select a smaller hammer to change the air filter... you know, less inertia.

Anonymous said...

Inertia? I hardly even know ya!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a bad day Todd, (did that help) Oh and you have more than 4 readers, some of us are intimidated that we couldn't write anything as witty or smart as Don