Monday, January 31, 2011

Something's missing.

I'm used to seeing pictures and video of people shouting and protesting and throwing things in the Middle East.  I'm pretty sure that's the way they order breakfast over there.  The pictures coming out of Egypt now though are extreme even for that part of the world.  From what I gather the people are unhappy with their government and are demanding change and I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.  Who knows?  We may have to do the same thing some day soon.

Everytime I watch the news I keep thinking something is missing over there with these protests.  What is it?  Let's see, we have your basic screaming and yelling, check.  People with scarves on their head are throwing rocks, check.  Military and police seem to do nothing, check.  Cars and trucks on fire?  Yep, got that.  What is it?  Hmmm...Then I finally realized what was missing from these pictures.  We can't have a real good Middle Eastern protest without burning a few American flags!  What's the deal?  Don't tell me America is not at fault for something over there.  Surely the Great Satan must be punished for something!  What's this world coming to?

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