Saturday, November 20, 2010

There's not much better than a good dog!

I just read about a fellow blogger's long-time canine companion who died (here) and it made me want to share some pictures of my dogs.  I've always said I can't help all the mistreated dogs in the world but I can take care of mine.  They probably say the same kind of things to all their dog buddies about me.


The Donald said...

Bo, Sara, and Dori told me that if they hadn't taken you in, you'd be out wandering the streets and might get hit by a car.

They said they were blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

I rike mine medium rare.

- Lee Ho Park

Anonymous said...

Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. Glad I stumbled into this article! smile I have you saved to check out new stuff you post.

Me said...

Lagniappe would have approved. And I never trust a man who doesn't like dogs.

Merry Christmas from me and the new dog.

Anonymous said...

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