Saturday, November 06, 2010

Garage sale goodies

I stopped at a garage sale this morning and the first thing the owner of the house asked me was, "What are you looking for?"

I said, "Whatcha got?"

"What are you looking for?"

Kinda weird, I guess, but oh well..."What about tools?"

"Are you affiliated with any law enforcement at all?"

What kind of question is that and how stupid would a cop have to be to answer yes?  "No."

"Then come back here."

He led me to the garage which was sitting well back of the house and sure enough he had some tools and all kinds of electronics and some stuff it looks like he stole from a bar somewhere.

I made a great deal on a ladder and some tools for $20 but I wanted the other ladder for $10 but he wouldn't do it.  We talked for awhile and when I loaded up my stuff he asked me to do him a favor and drive across the highway (he didn't have a car) and get him some cigarettes.  I told him I would do it and pay for the cigs and bring him back $10 and take the other ladder.  He thought about it and said to bring back 2 cans of dog food from there as well.


When I got back he threw in some more tools and a brand new hammock as well. So, I got all of this - 2 nice ladders, a nice cordless drill with accessories, all kinds of tools including a nice new hammer (on the second rung of the ladder), and a hammock - all for $30, a pack of smokes and some dog food. Not a bad day.


Anonymous said...

Those ladders are almost as tall as you...

Anonymous said...

Sound like he would be s good lead for the local popo to solve some missing items questions.


Anonymous said...

That's a steal!

Anonymous said...

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The Donald said...

What was that?

Anonymous said...

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