Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some brief thoughts on today

Church was good this morning but I think we are making this more difficult than it has to be. Since I left my old church (more on that to come) I have visited around to several local churches and I believe that instead of having a traditional service and a contemporary service that maybe I need just one good worship service. Is this what the first church did in Acts? One service for the young people who have no musical talent and one for the old folks who have no energy left? There's too many rules in church today. I'm not talking about moral issues, I'm talking about the rule that says church has to be an orderly show where everybody is comfortably entertained. Church has to be over by noon EVERY WEEK so we can go eat. Church has to be led by professional leaders. Church has to be in a church building. Church success equals the number of members. These "rules" need to be rethought if Christians are going to remain relevant around here. Two thousand years of "church" and now we need to get back to basics and quit making this thing so difficult.


XYZZY said...

You think church is complicated, you should try to reply to this blog. So many options. What to do?

I feel your pain brother. I attend two churches now. I have met someone special so I now consider another church as well. Whatever building I walk into becomes my Father's house and I meet with Him there.

Anonymous said...

So, Todd, this is Shari. Yes, it says I am anonymous but that is only because setting up an account takes too long and is too complicated, like we have made church.

How hard is it to worship God, share Jesus and connect with others! Really . . . We talk about things being organic, natural, well then, let's be just that and quit making this so hard. Makes one wonder if we really do get God and his heart at all. Seems pretty clear to me . . .:)

The Donald said...

On of the things I enjoyed from the [Ray Vander Laan] "Dust of the Rabbi" series was the notion of how the early church was convened in homes of believers.

No huge edifices of gleaming gold, marble, polished brass and stacked Austin stone - just people, followers of Jesus Christ, sitting around in someone's home, worshipping and learning about the Lord.

You probably know better than I the difficult balance of structure vs. spontaneity in a worship service. Obviously, for a church running two or three services a morning, there are logistical issues.

It seems to me, though, that the structure should be just enough to keep the service on track - sort of governance best which governs least - so that chaos is held at bay. It should never overshadow the primary, really the only, reason for the service: To glorify and learn about God.

Anonymous said...

I thought I hadn't seen you in a while! I'm sorry you feel you can't be at HSBC anymore!

Kathi Baker