Friday, July 16, 2010



The Donald said...

If you would be fishers of men, then of course you would go where the fish are.

Inasmuch as Jesus' went to save sinners, while we were yet sinners, He went where sinners could be found.

Sure, there's probably plenty of sinners in Highland Park, Colleyville, and Westover Hills, but Sin City clearly has a need.

Some might criticize the guy as grandstanding - his hometown probably needs the message, too, but I admire the guy for picking up his cross and taking the Word to an audience, that, by and large, is probably not too receptive (which is why they should hear it all the more).

The Donald said...

I went to the Church's website:

Some kind of interesting stories there. I'm sure it's a very real and tough situation to go into that environment - it would be very unsettling to me. I hope they can stay strong (maybe they rotate the staff out of there periodically), seems like a very stressful line of work.

And Craig Gross was initially concerned that God might put on his heart to go to Africa...