Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some useful info...

I am an extremely laid-back kinda guy. I rarely ever get mad. It's even more rare that I show it and I have been in only a few real fights in my life. Maybe someday I'll share some of those stories but not today. It is probably a good thing that I don't get mad easy 'cuz Hulk Hogan I ain't. More like Colonel Hogan or Ben Hogan maybe but not Hulk. Anyway, if you want to stay out of my blazing rage, I have three rules for you:

1) Never touch me. At all. Seriously. My wife and maybe a very few select family members can touch me without me taking it as a threat. Some situations are better than others (like church) but as a general rule, just don't touch me.

2) Don't point your finger at me. If you are picking me to win a prize and point and say my name in a friendly way then we have no problem but if you have a problem with me and wag your finger at me I'm going to take that as a threat. You have made it clear to me that you want to fight. Even worse is a finger poke in the chest. You leave me no choice but to physically convince you not to do that.

3) Raising your voice in anger is how non-adults start fights and I'm just childish enough to retaliate physically. Don't yell at me. We can resolve any conflict with our inside voices. If you scream at me I have to assume you want to go to Fist City and I'll lead us there.

That's it. Up to a point you can do almost anything without making me very mad. Calling me names doesn't really bother me. You really have to purposefully do me wrong to make me want to fight. Even then, I'm not the biggest or toughest guy on the block but I will give you one more hint: I AM armed. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Count me informed! I feel sorry for the dude or dudess that did that. Not really, no one should be that insensitive as to point their finger at you or worse touch you with it..

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