Thursday, February 19, 2009

My most beautiful

And the award goes to...'53 Buick Convertible! I love the chrome. I love the lines. Two doors and still huge! Eye candy at its height!


Anonymous said...

Back when cars had real designers. Wonder which character this one inspired in "Cars".

I would say "you're welcome" if I were allowed to read your blog...

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a trend on current production cars and trucks, for owners to buy 'roadmaster' kits which stick on the upper front fenders with double-sided tape or somesuch.

My hypothesis is that this seems to be culturally skewed as a Hispanic phenomenon, though I haven't done any solid research to back this up or disprove it.

Maybe DT can half-way explain it?

The Donald said...

I read somewhere that the portholes/ventiports on the front fenders were supposed to indicate whether it had a 6 or 8 cylinder engine.

Presumably this specimen is a 6.