Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gotta love stupid-funny rednecks!

If you brand your cattle with spray paint, you might be a redneck!

If you take your bull to senior prom, you might be a redneck!

If you tattoo your girlfriend's initials on the side of your bull, you might be a redneck!

If you drive a 3/4 ton Pontiac, you might be a redneck!

It's hard to see her but Cody Shane's girlfriend is still in the passenger seat.


Anonymous said...

In 1976 I took my driving test in an eighth generation Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, a car the length of a city block.

"Us here at Redneck Conversions is ready to take yore Brougham an' turn it into a Brahmam in under one week. *Hood mounted longhorns is available at extra charge."

At the end of the road test, I must've passed - he didn't have any major beefs about my driving.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my high school prom, slow dancin' with Bessie to "Please, Heifer, I'm Fallin' (In Love With You)".

Anonymous said...

I still think of her sometimes when I hear Lee Ann Womack on the radio: "I bet you're in a barn..."

Anonymous said...

...cause I'm always your last stall.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention George Jones': "He Stopped Feeding Her the Hay".